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Raportu el Rio de Ĵaneiro pri la konferenco de Daŭripova Evoluo

Ĉu vi emus vive raporti el Rio de Ĵaneiro pri la UN-konferenco de Daŭripova Evoluo (RIO+20)? Se vi estas juna ĵurnalisto el Eŭropo kiu ofte raportas pri daŭripovaj temoj (aŭ emas ofte fari tion), kaj flue regas la anglan, legu la suban alvokon. (ĉar la originala alvoko estis en la angla, kaj la tasko postulas fluan regadon de la angla lingvo, ni republikigas la alvokon tiel kiel ĝi estas)
EYP call for young environmental journalists
European Youth Press (EYP) is calling on all young journalists interested in environmental reporting to get involved in our latest collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). We are seeking 50 young European journalists to create articles, broadcasts, podcasts, and photo journals on the subject of sustainability in light of the upcoming Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio in June 20 – 22, 2012. Media contributions should focus on solutions being put in practice in different places in Europe to respond to the challenges to sustainability the world is facing. The work of the chosen journalists will be uploaded to the website of the UNEP campaign GreenUp ( Three of the most consistent and high quality contributors will be selected to report from the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 20 – 22. EYP also aims to create a dedicated working group for young environmental journalists in which all selected 50 participants will be expected to be actively involved. Who? Young European journalists between 18-30 years old with an interest in and a passion for environmental journalism (proven interest is a plus) who are able to produce mostly audiovisual materials. Since the working language is English, a proficient level of written and spoken English is required. What? Send a two-page CV and portfolio (emphasising any environmental reporting experience) to by Thursday 16 February 2012. The portfolio may consist of a list of links to published material/scans. If the material is not in English, a short summary in English for each media item is required. Applications sent after the deadline or including an incomplete CV or a CV in a language other than English will be automatically considered ineligible. What next? If you are among the 50 journalists chosen, you will be asked to submit as many relevant quality media items as possible between 1 March and 15 April 2012. And Rio+20? The three most active, impressive and genuinely interested (yes, all three!) journalists will be selected to report from the United Nations Sustainable Development Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 20 – 22 June 2012. For any questions please write to
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