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TEJO volunteer wanted!

TEJO invites you to apply for the post of full-time TEJO volunteer in the Headquarters in Rotterdam. The TEJO volunteer must be prepared to work for 12-18 months when the volunteering period of the current TEJO volunteer finishes (usually in August, more precise date to be discussed).

TEJO strives to ensure that a volunteer who can dedicate one-hundred per cent of his or her working time to TEJO is based at the Central Office in Rotterdam on a continuous basis. Being a volunteer does not just mean making a significant contribution to TEJO's welfare, but also means enrichment of one's own experience, not just at a personal level but certainly at the organisational level too. The Board limits the length of volunteering to approximately one year, thereby enabling many people to gain this experience.

The TEJO volunteer should also be the face of the organisation during congresses (IJK and UK), informing members and other interested parties about TEJO's activities, events, services etc. This way the volunteer contributes to TEJO's visibility during congresses, and at the same time frees up some of the time of the Board members.

Where possible, the TEJO volunteer should:

  • have a very good level of Esperanto (read, written and spoken)
  • be able to speak English and (/or ) French, knowledge of other languages will be taken into account positively
  • enjoy administrative work
  • be skilled at using computers (e-mail, Internet, word processing etc.)
  • have profound knowledge of the youth Esperanto movement
  • be able to autonomously make decisions
  • be prepared to actively collaborate with the TEJO Board on matters concerning the general functioning of the organisation
  • have knowledge of European youth structures and European bodies

The work consists of:

  • dealing with TEJO's mail (both on paper and e-mail)
  • maintenance of the TEJO archive
  • administration and maintenance of contacts with European and non-European structures and organisations
  • active support of the activities of the Board and Committee members of TEJO
  • active collaboration in the authoring of grant requests
  • active collaboration in the updating of TEJO websites
  • representation and informational activities during congresses and seminars

The volunteer will receive a room free of charge and a dignified sum of pocket money as support.

Candidates are invited to send the following documents in Esperanto to the Headquarters and the TEJO Secretary General:

  • CV/résumé (describing your studies, courses, experience etc.)
  • a motivational letter (explaining why you want to volunteer for TEJO)
  • proof where available of the abilities mentioned above
  • a letter of recommendation from, for example, a national Esperanto organisation

If you are applying by e-mail, please write to both oficejo at and gxen-sek at

The TEJO volunteer must be an individual member of TEJO. This implies that candidates age less than 30 at the beginning of the volunteering period. As the minimum acceptable age we consider 18.
At the moment the TEJO volunteer must work on a continuous basis in the Headquarters in Rotterdam. Current conditions in the Netherlands do not allow TEJO to acquire a work or visit permit for non-citizens of the European Union. Therefore, the candidate must himself or herself have the right to remain legally in Dutch territory during the necessary period.