About TEJO

TEJO promotes international understanding through meetings, educational programmes and the use of the international language, Esperanto.

The organisation defends cultural richness of language diversity, human rights of language minorities and global understanding through easy access to our network of international contacts. The use of the neutral and international language Esperanto is the cornerstone of our efforts.

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European Voluntary Service: a new chance to volunteer in the World Esperanto Youth Organisation!

We are pleased to announce that recently TEJO was added to the database of accredited EVS organizations.

The European Voluntary Service is a program of the European Commission, which allows young people between 18 and 30 years to live up to 12 months in another country, to collaborate on a volunteer project.

Therefore, we would like to invite a volunteer at our office, with starting date in March 2014.

If you ...:


Riskumu kaj ludu!

Meze de aprilo 2013 la porinstruista portalo www.edukado.net lanĉis retan kvizludon RISKO.


What is Esperanto?

Esperanto is an exciting language introduced towards the end of the 19th century which is now spoken by people all around the world making it a full-fledged international language. Having a simple grammar and vocabulary that can be learned in half a year, Esperanto has grown in popularity. This is evident looking at the vast international literature (over 25,000 books) as well as regularly published magazines and many diverse styles of music.


Support the action of TEJO

STELO coins Even without being a member of TEJO, you can support our action financially, as well as our activists. The "Partoprenu IJK-n" Fund subsidizes the participation of TEJO activists in IJK, the International Youth Congress of TEJO. The Fund allows those active youngsters who do not have the financial means, to take part in the Congress, taking a small leap in combating discrimination due to a financial background.

Your contribution to this Fund or to other aspects of TEJO's activities is very welcome, and can be done in various ways: using a credit card, via PayPal or a bank transfer. Please click "Read more" for further details.

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